Claudio specialises in Leadership and Mental Toughness having over 20 years relevant experience.

Claudio helps ordinary people to develop themselves as Resilient Leaders within 90 days using tried and tested military techniques.

He currently serves as the Chairman of CoMenSA, Western Cape (Coaches & Mentors of South Africa) serving on the Executive Committee.

His coaching philosophy is centred around inspiring his clients to find their flow, by focusing on leadership and mental toughness coaching. He believes in supporting people to realise and harness their strengths to navigate through challenges, “Evoking the warrior within”. This philosophy is born from the belief that, the moment we make a decision to TAKE ACTION towards what we want, things start to change…

The models used include a Leadership & Mental Toughness model based on the GROW-model, Solution-focused approach and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Claudio’s story
His intrinsic values have influenced his belief in making a difference for common good by helping others raise their awareness, resilience, control fears, overcome limiting beliefs and embrace leadership. In his own life he has overcome a series of limiting beliefs, an example of a major breakthrough was whilst he was in the Navy, where he served as a combat officer. His first taste of raw mental toughness was passing the Navy combat divers selection course – known for being one of the most gruelling selections in the military, pushing one to their limits, both physically and mentally – being one of only three (from 90) to have passed that particular selection… An astonishing 97% drop out rate!

Physically, he never regarded himself a ‘super-athlete’ growing up, on the contrary, as a nine year old he was a timid, shy, skinny child who lacked self confidence. Nonetheless, through sustained purposeful practice towards his goal he was able to pass the selection process, which was nothing short of ruthless with the attrition numbers telling the tale. In his own words: “What made the difference was constant daily habits of mental and physical preparation. This positioned me to build my mental fortress, managing to withstand the onslaught from the military instructors, who made it their mission to get into your mind and ‘break you’… being protective of the honour associated within a fraternity which regard themselves ‘elite’, weeding out those who were not considered worthy. The are other examples where he dispelled his limiting beliefs, such as being told at school that he was not good enough for Higher Grade Maths, then going on to prove a point to himself by graduating with a Bachelors degree in ‘pure’ Maths. Although we may not be aware, we all have stories of how we overcame our limiting beliefs. Inner work raises this awareness, reminding you what you had to endure to be here today… serving as a reminder, priming you to continue overcoming limiting beliefs… in the process creating new inspirational stories. The important thing is to progress, by creating non-intimidating micro-goals on a daily basis. The key is knowing what you want and taking consistent daily action. If you improve only 1% per day, after a year that would be 365% improvement (without even taking the compounding effect into account!). Nothing is instant in life – only instant coffee – real results take time….”

Multi-angled approach
After the Navy, Claudio worked with Investec, where he headed up the Shipping Professional Network London (www.spnl.co.uk), and served as chairman for 8 years. He continues to promote trade, serving as the current President of Shipping Professional Network International, also on the Executive Committee of a bi-lateral trade body (SA-UK).

His varied background allows him to have a multi-angled approach, with a background as a leader whilst a combat officer in the South African Navy (9 years), and as a specialist banker in London (10 years) during which time he lead an international award-wining business association, receiving leadership awards from the Chamber of Commerce and Crans Montana Forum, Switzerland.

As Claudio draws inspiration from seeing people overcome their LIMITING BELIEFS.
As he puts it, “If I can overcome limiting beliefs, I can help others do the same!”
By staring down your internal wolf, you break the chains holding you back to step into the version of who you want to be.

In his Leadership & Mental Toughness coaching, he draws upon techniques from his coaching toolkit, obtained from numerous qualifications:

– Master NLP Practitioner
– Master Life Coach
– Executive Management & Coaching (UCT)
– Martial arts: Qualified instructor where he teaches Krav Maga at his dojo/club and for the military (drafting the curriculum for Self Defence/Hand-to-Hand Combat)
– Firewalking/Glasswalking: Qualifed as a Firewalking Instructor

His academic qualifications include:-Master of Science from Cass Business School, University of London, B. Comm (Hons) from the University of Cape Town (UCT), Bachelor-equivalent Chartered Shipbroker and a Bachelors in Mathematics & Nautical Science from Stellenbosch University (SU)